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Ukrainian Internet Association

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01034, Ukraine, Kiv,
O.Gonchara str.15/3,

phone/fax: +38 044 278-29-25

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Ukrainian traffic exchange network

Ukrainian traffic exchange network - is the daughter company of Ukrainian Internet Association with exceptional kind of activity was established in July 2000.

Initiators of establishing of Ukrainian traffic exchange network are the companies, which work on the Internet market.

Establishing of Ukrainian traffic exchange network gave the possibility to its participants to minimize their expenses and to expand their business possibilities.

Traffic exchange network is the pledge of stability of Internet market of Ukraine; it has two points of traffic exchange.

Now Ukrainian traffic exchange network numbers more than 150 participants with common traffic volume - 350 Gbit/s.

Domains in use

International assosiations

Ukrainian traffic exchange network (UA-IX) is a member of Euro-IX – European Internet Exchange Association, which combines of 42 IXPs from 25 countries in Europe, Japan and the United States with the intention to further develop, strengthen and improve the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) community.

UA-IX is a  member of Assosiation besides on analogous organisations, such as:
  • Holland (AMS-IX)
  • Great Britain (LINX)
  • Germany (DE-CIX)
  • Russia (MSK-IX)
According to the active peering relations UA-IX is in the ninth place out of forty two. The differential peculiarity of UA-IX is the best fee/speed correlation of connection and the highest concentration of unique autonomus systems which don't exist in other points of internet exchange (97%).

Membership in Association promotes an open interchange of experience and new ideas, permits the coordination of UA-IX development with a glance to European background, also provides the access to various thematic committees' meetings and on-line recourses.

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01025 Ukraine, Kiev, O.Gonchara str.15/3, ap.22,
Telephone: +38 044 278-29-25
E-mail: dir [at]